Sheridan County Nebraska
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Weed Mowing
Notice to Sheridan County Landowners
Section 39-1811 R. R. S. of Nebraska Provides:
It shall be the duty of the landowners in this state to mow all weeds that can be mowed with the ordinary farm mower to the middle of all public roads and drainage ditches running along their lands at least twice each year, namely, sometime in July for the first time and sometime in September for the second time.
It further provides that if the landowner neglects to mow or destroy the weeds, it shall be the duty of the County Board to cause the weeds to be mowed or otherwise destroyed and assess the cost thereof to the landowner by including the same on the taxes against the land.
NOTICE is further given that all roads not mowed by October 31 will be mowed by the County and a charge of $60.00 per one half (1/2) mile per side or any portion thereof will be assessed to the Land Owner.
Sheridan County Board of Commissioners

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