Sheridan County Nebraska
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Sheridan County Planning and Zoning

Mike Wellnitz
Zoning Administrator
5626 310th Lane
Rushville, NE 69360
308 360-1456
The Zoning Administrator and Planning Board members are appointed by the County Board.
Sheridan County Planning Board members are:
Kirk Budd
Dave Kayton
Steve Sanders
Marjean Terrell
Blaine Wilson
Sheridan County's economy depends primarily on agriculture. While we welcome any new residents or businesses, Sheridan County is designated a "Livestock Friendly" County and our zoning regulations tend to favor agricultural interests in the rural areas of the county.
If you are interested in locating in rural Sheridan County, you will find that we are easy to work with. If your enterprise is not agricultural related don't be discouraged. The zoning that protects our agricultural heritage also provides protection for other industries.
Zoning Permit
Application for rezoning or amendment to zoning regulations text
Application for conditional use
Filing of appeal to decision of Zoning Administrator
Application for a variance
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