Sheridan County Nebraska
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are property taxes used for.
        A breakdown of Sheridan County property tax use can be found at
Where can I get an employment application?
        A copy can be picked up at the office where you are interested in applying.
        A generic version of the application is available in a pdf format online at 2015 Employment Application
Is a copy of Sheridan County Zoning Regulations available online?
        Yes. Sheridan County Zoning Regulations are available at
Where can I find a copy of the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan?
        A printed copy of the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan is available for viewing in the office of the Sheridan County Clerk.
        A copy is also available on line in PDF format at Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan. It is available there in sections as well as the full version.
When are the Drivers License Examiners in Sheridan County?
        Currently (12-7-2014) the drivers license exam is given at the Courthouse in Sheridan County on Wednesdays between the hours 9:00 - 12:00, 1:00 - 4:00(MT)
        A listing of times and dates throughout the state can be found at
Where can I get a copy of a budget for a political subdivision such as a fire, road, or hospital district?
        The Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts provides PDF files of budget forms, when available.
        Keep in mind that forms may not be available until late in the year.
What is the purpose of the necessary cash reserve? Could we not use that money to lower taxes?
        The necessary cash reserve is money the county actually uses to pay bills. A county budget year begins July 1 and runs to June 30. Taxes for the year become due January 1 (six months after the budget year begins). The first half of property taxes becomes delinquent May 1 (two months before the year ends) and the second half becomes delinquent September 1 (two months after the year ends).
        Many, if not most, people pay their property taxes in two payments, in April and August. Some counties have lowered their reserves only to find themselves going to the bank, borrowing money, and paying interest so they could make payroll and pay current bills.
What Commissioner District do I live in?
        A map of the three Commissioner Districts can be found at Commissioner Districts Map
How many rural fire districts are there in Sheridan County?
        While fire districts may have boundaries that cross county lines, there are four that have a majority of the district within Sheridan County. Alliance Rural and Hemingford Rural also have portions of their district within the boundaries of Sheridan County.
        Gordon Rural covers a portion of Cherry County, Hay Springs covers a portion of Dawes County, and Heart of the Hills provides protection for a portion of Garden County. A pdf copy of a district map can be found on the website Local Rural Fire Districts Map
Who do I contact about controlling coyotes in rural Sheridan County?
        Animal Control Officer Randy BenBen lives in Gordon. His phone number is 308 282-0763
I can't find a print option in my browser. How do I print a copy of the minutes?
        Under file in older browsers the was a print option. It is still there it is just hidden.
        Try clicking on the Alt key and the tool bar with the file option should open.
        You also can right click within the page you wish to print to open options including the print preview and print options.
Where can I find previous agenda lists?
        Previous agenda lists can be found at
How much is 1 billion?
        If it is currently 09:20 am - Tuesday, May 21, 2024 one billion seconds ago it was 07:33 am - Saturday, September 12, 1992. One billion minutes ago it was about 177 AD.

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