Sheridan County Nebraska
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Sheridan County Weed Department

Seth Tausan
Weed Superintendent
Courthouse Annex
111 North Main Street
Rushville, NE 69360
308 327-5629
The Weed Superintendent is responsible for assisting taxpayers on weed control issues and plant identification, enforcement of State Weed Laws, preparing and submitting all required annual reports to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. State Statues require control of noxious weeds. A landowner that does not meet this requirement will be contacted. If they choose not to control noxious weeds, the Weed Superintendent can force control, or spray the property and the costs will be assessed to the property taxes.
For your information Kristi Paul, Sheridan County Weed Superintendent, has provided pictures and descriptions of weeds common to the State of Nebraska and Sheridan County at sheridancounty/weed_list.php Pictures and descriptions of some of the most common weeds can be found on that page. Click on the weed name of thumbnail picture for additional pictures and information.
In addition to the duties of Weed Superintendent, Kristi also fields Black-Tailed Prairie Dog complaints that may arise. Those complaints are forwarded to the Sheridan County Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Advisory Council for review.
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