Sheridan County Nebraska
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Sheridan County Sheriff

Jeff Brewer
Sheriff's Office
303 East 2nd Street
Rushville, NE 69360
308 327-2161
The County Sheriff is elected to a four year term by the voters of Sheridan County and may run for additional terms. As an elected official the Sheriff answers directly to the citizens of the county. The Sheridan County Sheriff's Office is located on the main floor of the jail in the building directly east of the Courthouse.
Law Enforcement
The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining law and order in the entire rural county. In addition to the rural area, the Sheriff provides law enforcement for the towns of Rushville and Hay Springs as well as the villages of Whiteclay, Antioch, Lakeside, Ellsworth, and Bingham and has jurisdiction within the city limits of Gordon. Burglaries within the jurisdiction should be reported to this office.
Vehicle Inspections - Vehicles from out of state must be inspected by the Sheriff or a deputy prior to issuance of a tile and registration.
Hand gun purchase permit - Prior to purchasing a hand gun one must apply for a permit at the Sheriffs Office where a background check is initiated.
The Sheridan County Sheriff is also the jail administrator for a 24 bed capacity jail. The 2009 average daily population was 18.8 inmates. The jail staff consists of four full time and one part time jailors/dispatchers and four full time and one part time dispatchers/matrons with one of each working twenty-four seven.
E911 - Dispatching
The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining the E911 emergency system and assigning E911 addresses. Emergency calls come through the dispatch center. and the office dispatches fire & rescue services as well as law enforcement resources.
Paper Service - Transportation
The Sheriff and deputies serve Court Papers and transports inmates to and from Court. Transportation of prisoners committed to Lincoln, Geneva, Kearney and Scottsbluff is also a duty of the office.
Deputy County Coroner
As the Deputy County Coroner, the Sheriff investigates all unattended deaths in the county. This investigation assists the County Attorney in determining the cause of death.
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