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Meeting Minutes and Proceedings Statements

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Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Tuesday, July 21, 2020
The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met at the Courthouse on July 21. Present were Chairman Loren Paul, Commissioners Bruce Messersmith and James Krotz and Clerk Sindy Coburn  

The Commissioners audited and approved salary and BC/BS claims.  

Clerk of the District Court Carol Stouffer reported that she had found a bat in the courtroom which led to the discovery of a large colony of bats in the courthouse attic.  

Building Superintendent Jeff Davis speculated that the recent replacement of the courthouse roof may have left points of access for the creatures.

Davis is in conversation with contractors who remove, clean, disinfect and bat-proof buildings.  There were many expressions of encouragement for a quick response. 

The Commissioners and Deputy Treasurer Melissa Grover convened as the Board of Equalization (BOE).  

Gary Ruse of the Gordon Church of God presented a request for a tax exemption on a van owned by the Church.  The BOE approved the exemption. 

Chairman Loren Paul signed an agreement with MASA (Medical Air Services Association) authorizing payroll deductions for county employees who choose to participate in the air ambulance insurance program.

The Commissioners approved the appointment of Gary Binger to serve another one-year term as Chairman of the Veteran's Service Organization Board.  They also approved Ken Gibson and Christopher Pyle each to serve a five-year term on the VSO Board. 

Road Superintended Richard Cross reported that the Gordon airport bridge project will be delayed because the Hwy. 18 project in South Dakota that is to supply the box culvert has been suspended. 

Building Superintendent Jeff Davis reported that the new exterior stairs from the west end of the jail to the exercise area have been installed.

Acting as the Board of Equalization (BOE) the Commissioners reviewed and approved a permissive exemption for a building owned by Sharing and Caring Neighbors of Hay Springs – a charitable organization. 

Assessor Tina Skinner presented for consideration a list of 9 over-valued and 4 under-valued properties.  The BOE approved the list. 

At 11:00 the BOE, working with appraisal consultant Suzi Lore, began considering the evidence presented at property valuation protest hearings held on July 7 & 14.  

A judgement was rendered on each protest and will be communicated to the protestors by mail. 

The next scheduled meeting of the Commissioners will be Tuesday August 11 at 9:00 at the Courthouse.

Written by James Krotz
Posted by Jack Andersen
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          All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.
Commissioners Claims - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners audited, approved and ordered paid the following claims. 
Abbott, William, ser, 79.85; Albrecht, Matthew, ser, 62.60; Bev Wellnitz, reim, 372.00; Black Hills Energy, ser, 196.36; Black Hills Doors, sup, 280.18; Bob Baker Co., sup, 160.05; Bosselman’s Inc., ser, 559.45; Brewer, Jeff, reimb, 27.80; Brownlow, Nancy, ser, 36.15; Bud’s Pest Control, ser, 160.00; Business Connection, sup, 338.50; Calhoun, Michael, ser, 53.40; Century Business Prod., sup, 215.85; CIMA, ser, 3,042.50; City of Rushville, ser, 263.90; Clerk of Dist Court, reimb, 115.55; Clerk of Dist Court, ser, 36.90; Coast to Coast Prod., sup, 229.99; Copy Shoppe, sup, 150.54; Crane, Evelyn, ser, 8.00; Crites, Shaffer et al, ser, 3,257.08; Culligan Water Cond., sup, 79.00; DAS St. Accounting, ser, 317.24; Davis, Jeff, reimb, 818.93; DeGanahl, Rory, ser, 98.25; Dreyer, Wayne, ser, 68.35; Elwood, Francis, ser, 36.15; Engel, Sharon, ser, 4.00; Extra Hand on Demand, ser, 910.00; First Concord Benefits, ser, 12.50; Fahlsing, Kimberley, ser, 53.40; Flueckinger, Gary, ser, 36.15; Gordon Memorial Hsp, ser, 2,638.62; Gordon Rural Fire Dist., ser, 555.04; Gordon True Value, sup, 236.21; Graham, Tiffany, ser, 53.40; Grant Co. Treasurer, ser, 450.00; Great Plains Comm., ser, 2,093.51; Gworks, ser, 18,000.00; Harris Sales, sup, 109.17; Hay Springs Hip-Hop, ser, 27.00; Hinn’s Ace Hardware, sup, 135.73; Homestead Building, sup, 274.00; Horizon West, ser, 504.00; Ideal markets, Inc., sup, 344.09; Ideal Solutions, ser, 629.83; Janssen, Anita, ser, 53.40; Jech, Donna, ser, 33.93; Judd, Jimmy, ser, 36.15; Kain, Justin, ser, 432.02; Kain, Makaisha, ser, 20.00; Kain, Zoey, ser, 20.00; Kampbell, Eloise, ser, 11.00; Kearns, Shawn, ser, 53.40; Leth, Emma, ser, 63.75; Linders, Bryan, ser, 53.40; Loosvelt, Sandra, ser, 18.00; MANNA Systems, ser, 6,750.25; Mansor, Chelsea, ser, 92.50; Marcy, Nichole, ser, 68.35; Marx, Neal, ser, 49.95; Medical Enterprises Inc, ser, 151.25; Midwest Special Ser Inc, 1,248.00; MIPS Inc, 3,110.97; Mracek, Melissa, reimb, 90.56; NE Public Health Lab, ser, 105.00; NE State Fire Marshal, ser, 30.00; NE Total Office, sup, 815.57; Nelson, Marie, reimb, 48.30; New Christian Center, ser, 750.00; Neilsen, Jessica, ser, 41.33; NW Rural Public Power, ser, 52.45; Ostrander, Claude, ser, 36.15; Outlaw Printers, sup, 87.24; Palmer, Karen, ser, 7.00; Peterson, Anne, ser, 47.65; Pradhan, Pranu, ser, 36.15; Puncochar, Courtney, reimb, 18.40; Regional West Medical, ser, 1,325.00; Reynolds, Michelle, ser, 36.15; Robbins, Terry, ser, 7.00; Rous, Jayme, ser, 36.15; Running Hawk, Tanya, ser, 36.15; Scherbarth, Bruce, ser, 79.85; Secretary of State, sup, 20.00; Sheridan Co. Court, ser, 376.00; Sheridan Co. Journal, ser, 444.19; Sheridan Co. Sheriff, rimb, 638.07; Sheridan Co. Treasurer, ser, 3.50; Sides & Milburn, ser, 408.06; Skinner, Tina, reimb, 81.55; NPPD, ser, 644.43; Smith, King, et al, sup, 210.00; Smith, King et al, rimb, 771.19; Smith, Michael, ser, 16.00; Smith, Kenneth, ser, 53.40; Stockmens Drug, sup, 542.12; Stouffer, Carol, reimb, 69.93; Swayne, Sitka, ser, 42.48; Talbot, Donna, ser, 14.00; Thies, Renee, rimb, 120.75; Un of NE-Lincoln, ser, 3,906.93; US Foodservice Inc, sup, 2,192.68; USDA, APHIS, ser, 8,171.69; VA-BHHCS, reimb, 95.21; Varn, Michael, sup, 1,178.44; Western Coop, ser, 1,423.75; Western Pathology, ser, 325.00; Woods & Aitken, LLP, ser, 59.00; Young, Bryan, ser, 68.35; Zak, Christopher, ser, 92.50. TOTAL GENERAL-$76,096.96.
Action Communications, ser, 1,446.00; Atarah Mgmnt Holdings, ser, 85,000.00; Black Hills Energy, ser, 170.89; Bosselman’s Inc, ser, 2,493.56; Business Connection, sup, 29.89; Century Link, ser, 91.85; City of Gordon, ser, 131.10; City of Rushville, ser, 106.50; Cross, Richard, reimb, 50.00; Davis Repair, ser, 53.00; Frontier Ser & Sup, sup, 13.35; Great Plains Comm., ser, 113.43; Great Western Tire, ser, 2,165.70; Grimm’s Pump Ser, ser, 446.40; Hay Springs Water Dept., sup, 121.60; Hinn’s Gordon Auto, sup, 70.48; Hugh Banks Farms, sup, 3,648.75; Ideal Solutions, ser, 171.56; Inland Truck Parts, sup, 2,232.79; John Deere Financial, sup, 497.84; Koke’s Auto, sup, 103.92; Kustom Rock Crushing, ser, 26,784.00; NE Dept. of Revenue, ser, 3,509.00; NPPD, ser, 277.28; NMC Exchange LLC, ser, 3,637.89; North Amer. Truck, sup, 229.29; Panhandle Rural Electric, ser, 112.06; Rocky Mountain Air, ser, 577.80; Sandhills Oil Co., ser,1,273.96; Scott Manufacturer, ser, 240.16; Sherburn Trucking, ser, 46,269.21; Sheridan Co. Journal, ser, 56.00; Simon North Region, ser, 29,936.23; Tallon, Clayton, ser, 3,203.95; Western Coop, ser, 1,766.97; Wreck-a-Mended, ser, 60.00.TOTAL ROAD- $217,092.41.
Atarah Mngmt Holdings, ser, 85,000.00. TOTAL- $85,000.00.
Wellnitz, Bev, reimb, 55.00; NE Travel Association, ser, 150.00; Sheridan Co. Journal, ser, 3.87. TOTAL-$208.87.
FEMA DISASTERMCT Trucking, ser, 10,626.00. TOTAL-$10,626.00.
Atarah Mngmt Holdings, ser, 85,000.00. TOTAL- $85,000.00.
Comtech Solacom Tech., ser, 41,488.43; Golden West Telecomm., ser, 176.88; Great Plains Comm., ser, 486.87. TOTAL -$42,252.18.
Fuller Construction, ser, 7,000.00; Protex, Central Inc, ser, 619.40. TOTAL-$7,619.40.
First Concord Benefits, ser, 2,440.30 TOTAL-$2,440.30.
WEEDNE Weed Control Assn., ser, 120.00; Sheridan Co. Journal, ser, 303.00; Sides & Milburn, ser, 7.00; Tausan, Seth, reimb, 50.00; Western Coop, ser, 2 67.72 . T O TA L - $ 747.72 .
E -911Golden West TeleComm, ser, 144.72; Great Plains Comm, ser, 398.35. TOTAL-$543.07. 
HANDI BUSNW Comm. Action Partner, ser, 7,042.00. TOTAL-$7,042.00. 

TOTAL OF ALL CLAIMS: $534,668.91
/s/Sindy Coburn
Sheridan County Clerk
Posted by Jack Andersen
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          All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.
          The minutes of this and all meetings of the Board of Commissioners are available to the public at the office of the Sheridan County Clerk.
          All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.

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