Sheridan County Nebraska
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Sheridan County Attorney

Aaron Conn
County Attorney
211 Chamberlan Street
Rushville, NE 69350
308 282-0690
The County Attorney is elected to a four year term by the voters of Sheridan County and may run for additional terms. The Sheridan County Attorney's Office is located in Gordon with a satellite office on Main Street in Rushville.
The County Attorney is charged with the duty to prosecute or defend all civil or criminal suits in which the state of county is a party or has an interest. The County Attorney will appear before any court or magistrate as the attorney of record of behalf of the county or state. As the chief law enforcement officer for the county, the County Attorney and deputies shall perform all duties enjoined by law.
Any member of the County Board or County offices may request legal advice or opinions regarding their duties or other legal matters that may pertain to their office. Any law enforcement officer, within the jurisdiction, may request legal advice or opinions on the performance of their duties.
In addition to the above duties, the County Attorney is also charged with acting as the County Coroner, processing bad check charges, delinquent child support payments, and registrations for the traffic diversion program.
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