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Zoning Regulations - Article 10 - Page 62

 Zoning Regulations - Sheridan County Nebraska - 2002 Page 62
The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners may grant conditional uses to property owners for the use of their property in conformance and compliance with the limitations and procedures set forth herein. Granting of a conditional use shall only allow property owners to put their property to a conditional use if such use is listed among those uses specifically identified in the zoning district in which the subject property is located as a conditional use. The power to grant conditional uses shall be the exclusive authority of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Commissioners has formally adopted and shall comply with the following standards and procedures:
A written application and site plan for a conditional use shall be initiated by a property owner or authorized agent of such owner(s) and shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator on forms prescribed by the Board of Commissioners. Said application shall be signed by the applicant or the applicant's authorized agent and the applicant shall pay any applicable application fee. Such application shall indicate the Section of this Resolution under which the conditional use is being sought and, at a minimum, shall indicate the following:
1002.01 A legal description of the property on which the proposed conditional use is requested, including the specific size and dimension of the area on which the proposed conditional use would be located if less than the total property owned by the applicant.;
1002.02 The size and locations of all existing and proposed buildings and structures; 1002.03 A detailed description of the use proposed and the activities involved in such use; 1002.04 The location(s) of access to public roadway(s);
1002.05 The type and locations of easements effecting the property;
1002.06 A description of the provisions made for adequate water supply, sewage disposal, public utilities and erosion control;
1002.07 The extent and location of parking, loading and refuse disposal and collection facilities;
1002.08 The locations of residential dwellings and other non-agricultural land uses within two (2) miles of the property in question;
1002.09 An indication of surface water drainage onto, through and off of the subject property which would occur after development of the proposed conditional use;
1002.10 For industrial uses, and confined or intensive animal feeding uses, a description of how the use or uses proposed will address the compatibility issues of traffic generation, noise, odor, dust, radiation or potential air, water or soil pollution or explosion hazards; (For confined and intensive animal feeding uses, refer to requirements in Section 501.05 of the Sheridan County Zoning Resolution.)
1002.11 Any areas on the property subject to flooding or considered to be a wetland.

Zoning Regulations - Sheridan County Nebraska - 2002 Page 62

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