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Zoning Regulations - Article 1 - 2 - Page 01

These regulations shall be known, referred to, and cited as the Zoning Resolution of Sheridan County, Nebraska.
The provisions of this Resolution shall apply within the boundaries of Sheridan County, Nebraska, excluding the land included, now or in the future, in the corporate limits of any incorporated municipalities within or adjoining the County and any legally established planning and zoning jurisdictional areas of these municipalities, as may be defined on any Official Zoning Map of these municipalities.
In pursuance of and in compliance with the authority conferred to Nebraska counties by Section 23 of the Nebraska Statutes as amended, this Resolution is enacted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of Sheridan County and for implementation of the duly adopted Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan. This Resolution is also enacted to preserve and protect the customs and culture of the people of Sheridan County and the following specific purposes:
1)	Developing both urban and non-urban areas and lessening congestion in the streets or roads and reducing the waste of excessive amounts of roads;
2)	Securing safety from fire and other dangers and lessening or avoiding the hazards to persons and damage to property resulting from the accumulation or runoff of storm or flood waters;
3)	Providing adequate light and air and preventing excessive concentration of population and excessive and wasteful scattering or population or settlement;
4)	Promoting such distribution of population, such classification of land uses, and such distribution of land development as will assure adequate provisions for transportation, water flowage, water supply, drainage, sanitation, recreation, soil fertility, food supply, and other public requirements;
5)	Protecting the tax base and protecting property against blight and depreciation;
6)	Securing economy in governmental expenditures;
7)	Fostering the state's agriculture, recreation, and other industries;
8)	Encouraging the most appropriate use of land in the County, and;
9)	Preserving, protecting, and enhancing historic buildings, places and districts.
The zoning regulations set forth by this Resolution within each zoning district shall be minimum regulations and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, except as hereinafter provided.
With the exception of the provisions of Article 7 of this Resolution regarding non-conforming uses and structures, no building, structure or land shall hereafter be used or occupied, and no building or structure or part thereof shall hereafter be erected, constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, moved or structurally altered except in conformity with the regulations herein specified for the zoning district in which it is located. Further, no building or structure shall hereafter be erected or altered to exceed the height or bulk, to occupy a greater percentage of lot area, to have a narrower or smaller front, side or rear setback than is herein required, or be in any other manner contrary to the provisions of this Resolution.
Non-residential farm buildings shall be subject to the requirements of this Resolution, but shall be exempt from the zoning permit requirements of this Resolution. Any farm building containing a use other than an agricultural use, as defined in Section 303.04 of this Resolution, shall be considered a non-farm building and any building located on a parcel of land, which does not qualify as a farm as defined in Section 303.32 of this Resolution, shall be considered a non-farm building and shall be subject to the requirements of this Resolution including zoning permit requirements. Waste handling facility uses, as defined in Section 303.90 of this Resolution, which may be

Zoning Regulations -  Sheridan County - 2002 Page 1

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