Herd Front End Protection
Available at Rhino Linings of Alliance

Herd Aero LT

Serious collision protection for your working class pickup.

Built tough, not for one-time use.


  • Designed for your make and model
  • Forged steel, chrome plated eyebolts
  • Steel mounting bracket
  • Custom extruded bumper nearly 14 inches
  • 3 inch box uprights
    and 3 inch tube
  • Mirror finish

Herd replacement bumpers and front end protection for large trucks

HERD grill guards, bull bars, and replacement bumpers work hard to keep you on the road, and on-time. The exceptionally strong, integrated aluminum bumper and grill guard assembly fastens to the frame of your truck using a structural steel sub-frame.

HERD grill guards are designed to withstand multiple impacts that would otherwise damage your truck or completely remove it from service. HERD reinforced aluminum bumpers are engineered to both deflect obstacles and/or absorb and transfer the forces of any impact to the vehicle frame.

HERD’s unique interlocking system connecting the bumper and the bracket virtually eliminates vibration, improves the distribution of forces upon impact, and provides a vast improvement over other products on the market. The bracket backbone of each grill guard bumper is made from C9" X 20" structural steel channel which extends beyond the width of the frame. Steel Impact Plates extend forward to meet the inside face of bumper extrusion providing superior backing in the event of an impact.

The bumper channel is engineered to interlock with Bracket Backbone, dramatically improving distribution of forces during impact. Chrome plated, drop forged steel Eyebolts won’t break or strip when tightened firmly, locking the Bullbar in its upright position. Eyebolts don’t fall out of the bumper channel when undone to lower the bar.

Most of the weight of the Bullbar is supported by the interlock which virtually eliminating hinge wear. Fully boxed uprights and 3 inch aluminum tubing, provide increased structural rigidity and impact strength, and reduce maintenance time by being easier to clean.

HERD bull bars are designed for your truck’s specific brand, style, selected options and model-year. Your grill guard or bumper can be installed by Rhino Linings of Alliance or self-installed at your own site.

Once installed, a HERD enhances the strength of your entire front end, fortifying it against impact and obstacles, defending your truck against damage and guarding you against down-time.

The last bumper you need buy!

Herd Replacement Bumpers

Herd Aero Large Truck Protection
Herd Aero
Herd Super Train Large Truck Protection
Herd Super Train
Herd Texas Large Truck Protection
Herd Texas
Herd Defender Large Truck Protection
Herd Defender

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