Seeley Earl Weibling 1894 - 1918

Seeley Earl Weibling was born August 26, 1894 to Charles and Margaret (Lamberson) Weibling in Robinson, KS.
He died at the home of his mother at the Hord Ranch, Sheridan County, NE December 16, 1918.
In addition to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weibling, he was survived by five sisters; Mrs. R. A. Cook of Lakeside, Miss Belle Weibling of California, Mrs. Dr. Smith of California, Mrs. Charley Wilkinson of Alliance, and Mrs. Hamilton Martin of Bingham; and one brother, L. Doyle Weibling of Lakeside
There is a general location of a grave with the name Weibling in the northern half of row 7 on the hand drawn map at the church. This may be an indication of this graves location.