Commissioners Claims - Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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Posted by Jack Andersen Alcohol Countermeasure sup Catherine Allen reimb Axon Enterprises Inc ser Black Hills Chemical sup Black Hills Doors ser Black Hills Energy ser Blue Cross Blue Shield ser Blue360 Media sup Bosselman's Inc sup Bud's Pest Control ser Business Connection ser Century Business ser Chadron Comm. Hospital ser City of Rushville ser Clerk District Count postage Clerk District Court costs Consolidated Manage Copy Shoppe Cornhusker State Indus. Crites, Shaffer, and Connealy ser Cullers Law ser Culligan Water Cond. sup Das St. Accounting ser Jeff Davis reimb Dept. of Correction ser Dennis F. Dolezal rent First Concord Benefits ser Gordon Hardware sup Gordon Memorial Hospital ser Government Forms & Sup. sup Great Plains Comm. ser Guth Laboratories Inc sup Harris Sales sup Hay Springs Hip-Hop ser Hay Springs Lumber sup Shavona Henry reimb Hinn's Ace Hardware sup Hinn's Rushville Auto sup Homestead Building sup Ideal Markets, Inc sup Intralinks Tech Sol. ser Lincoln Co. Detension ser Julie Linders rent Medical Enterprises sup Mid-States Organized ser MIPS Inc. ser NE Assn. of Co. Assess dues NE Public Power Dist. ser Nebraska Total Office sup Marie Nelson reimb Jennifer Nixon mileage Stacy Bach sec NWRPPD ser Thomas Creative Apparel sup Pitney Bowes .Financial ser Pitney Bowes Purchase ser Pitney Bowes Reserve ser Pitney Bowes Inc. ser ser Radiology Associates ser Amy A Ragsdale ser Regional West Medical ser Rushville Service Center ser Lori D Salisbury cleaning Sheridan County Court ser Sheridan County Journal ser Sheridan County Sheriff fees Sides & Milburn, Inc ser Tina Skinner postage Smith, King, Simmons rent/ and Conn postage Smith, King, Simmons and Conn Sec Stockmens Drug sup Carol Stouffer dues/reimb Renee Thies postage US Foodservice, Inc sup USDA, Aphis, General ser Verizon sec Bev Wellnitz reimb Michael J Wellnitz ser WestCo sup Western NE Behavioral Western Pathology ser Westfield Pharmacy sup Xerox Corporation sup PROMO FUND Miles Partnership, UP ser TOTAL EXTEN. SINKING FUND Jennifer Nixon reimb TOTAL SELF FUND First Concord Benefits ser TOTAL E-911 FUND Century Link ser Golden West Telecomm. ser Great Plains Comm. ser TOTAL WIRELESS 911 FUND Century Link ser Golden West Telecomm. ser Great Plains Comm. ser OPTK Networks ser TOTAL COURTHOUSE BUILD PowerPlan ser TOTAL WEED Business Conntection ser Intralinks Tech Sol. ser Seth Tausan reimb TOTAL Barco Municipal Black Hills Energy Bosselman's Inc. Business Connection Century Link City of Gordon City of Rushville Richard Cross Frontier Service Gordon hardware Great Plains Comm. Hay Springs Water Hinn's Gordon Auto John Deere Financial Michael Todd & Co. Nebraska Dept. of Rev Nebraska Public Power NMC Exchange LLC PREMA Rushville Public Library Rushville Service Center Sandhills Oil Co. Inc Scott Manufacturer Scottsbluff Corporate Sheridan County Journal Snap-On Tools WestCo WestCo TOTAL OF ALL CLAIMS AUDITED, APPROVED AND ORDERED PAID: $345,252.22
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