Commissioners Proceedings Statement - Tuesday, January 24, 2023
The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) met on Tuesday January 24, at the County Courthouse. Notice of the meeting was published on the county website The meeting was open to the public and a ZOOM connection was also available. Present were Chairman Bruce Messersmith, Commissioners Dan Kling and James Krotz, County Clerk Sindy Coburn, Treasurer Renee Thies and Clerk of the District Court Carol Stouffer. 

The BOC audited and approved salary claims. 

Treasurer Renee Thies presented an ARPA funds grant request for safety/security upgrades in the Treasurer’s Office in the amount of $3,500. The Commissioners approved the grant. Thies informed the BOC that her office is raising the fee charged for the attachment of unpaid SWANN fees from 1 ½% to 2%. 

Brian Brennemann and Tim Vivion appeared to present several proposals from Road District 33 for the renovation of a 4.5-mile section of 109th Trail (Bingham Road). Road Superintendent Richard Cross will survey the road and present a recommendation to the BOC. 
  Cross reported that all but two motor-graders are back in service. The two disabled machines are in Scottsbluff/Gering awaiting an engine replacement and a transmission repair. Equipment operators are busy clearing intersections and widening snow-cleared lanes. 

Building Superintendent Jeff Davis reported on repair and snow removal efforts.

 Sheriff Jeff Davis and Chief Deputy Everett Langford met with the Board to discuss a building security issue. 

Marie Nelson, Extension 4-H Assistant, appeared to report on the many youth activities offered by the program. 

Val Jansante, field representative for Congressman Adrian Smith, appeared to report on Smith’s legislative agenda and to answer questions. 

Weed (and Prairie Dog) Superintendent Seth Tausan and Prairie Dog Advisory Council Member Wayne Dreyer appeared to visit with the BOC about control issues. The consensus was that the Prairie Dog Control program has been effective and is operating smoothly. The BOC re-appointed Wayne Dreyer and Rick Schneider each to another 3-year term on the five-person Advisory Council. 

The Board reviewed and approved a contract with Jamian Simmons as the newly appointed County Attorney. Most of the responsibilities of the Office are established by statute and this contract details such incidentals as travel and expense reimbursement. 

Victor Gehrig appeared to report that the North East Panhandle Substance Abuse Center (NEPSAC) in Gordon will be closing at the end of January. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board is February 14. The minutes of this and all meetings of the Board of Commissioners will be available to the public at the office of the Sheridan County Clerk and now are available online at All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome. 

Written by James Krotz
Posted by Jack Andersen
All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Act and the public is always welcome.